CBD regulations for pets legality of cannabis cbd hemp hernando umana your natural dog podcast

CBD Regulations for Pets with Hernando Umana on Your Natural Dog Podcast

While hemp is federally legal, there is still a lot of confusion regarding the legality and regulation of CBD for pets. With terms like CBD, Cannabis, Full Spectrum Hemp, Broad... Read More

teef dog dental health dr. emily stein on your natural dog podcast with angela ardolino

Dog Dental Health with Dr. Emily Stein on Your Natural Dog Podcast

Sometimes, our pet’s oral health and hygiene are forgotten and that’s a problem. Just like us, keeping our mouth clean and healthy is not only keeping our breath smelling nice... Read More

Zoopharmacognosy for dogs with caroline ingraham on your natural dog podcast with angela ardolino

Zoopharmacognosy for Dogs with Caroline Ingraham on Your Natural Dog Podcast

Zoopharmacognosy is the study of how animals self-medicate using natural substances. It has been found that many animals, including dogs, have the ability to self-medicate using natural herbs and mushrooms.... Read More

Rodney Habib and I Breakdown CBD Oil For Dogs

How do I dose CBD oil safely for my dogs? Is there enough research on CBD? What is CBD anyways?!  We get these questions all the time. In a special Facebook Live edition... Read More

Do No Harm Opioid Crisis Veterinary Medicine Holistic Pet Wellness Education Event

IN THE PRESS: Your Natural Dog Offers Free Holistic Pet Wellness Event Online

Your Natural Dog is pleased to announce its first free virtual event that focuses on healing pets holistically, using medicinal herbs, plants, mushrooms and food—instead of pharmaceuticals.  Do No Harm,... Read More

TikTok Vet on Your Natural Dog Podcast

Dog Obesity with Dr. Adam Christman on Your Natural Dog Podcast

Don’t be discouraged if your dog is obese- the condition can usually be reversed! In this episode, Dr. Adam Christman explains some of the most common causes of obesity in... Read More

IS CBD Right For My Pet? - Featured image woman with dog and computer

Is CBD Right For My Pet?

If you’re anything like me, chances are you’re reading the same book I am this week, the New York Times #1 Best Seller, The Forever Dog by Rodney Habib and... Read More

Raw Feeding - Keep The Tail Wagging with Kimberly Gauthier

Keep The Tail Wagging with Kimberly Gauthier

Recently I did a podcast with Kimberly Gauthier of Kimberly’s goal is to raise awareness of natural alternative canine care by sharing her experience raising five dogs. Her blog... Read More

Answers Pet Food What's Next with Chelsea Kent

Answers Pet Food: What’s next?

Recently I did a podcast with Chelsea Kent from Hero’s Pets in Littleton, Colorado. She is the nation’s top seller of Answers Pet Food, and has been with them from... Read More

Looking for Answers What to do now that we can’t trust our favorite pet food brand

Looking for Answers: What to do now that we can’t trust our favorite pet food brand

I originally chose Answers Pet Food as our primary dietary recommendation for several reasons. First, when it comes to any food, sourcing is paramount. The sourcing of any ingredient will... Read More

Where’s The Research? Helping our Animals

Animals and people are diagnosed with many of the same illnesses. There are certain types of animals found to be most credible in certain research studies than others. The information... Read More

Getting Your Dog Off Apoquel

Allergies are uncomfortable and stressful for our dogs. Itching, scratching, rashes, and redness are all symptoms that accompany your dog’s allergic reactions. The most commonly prescribed medication for allergies in... Read More

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