Adrenal Disorders in Dogs with Dr Ruth Roberts on Your Natural Dog Podcast with Angela Ardolino

Adrenal Disorders in Dogs with Dr. Ruth Roberts

Recently I did a podcast with Dr. Ruth Roberts, integrative veterinarian, holistic health coach, longtime pet advocate and your pet’s ally. Dr. Ruth is also the creator of The Original... Read More

Do No Harm Opioid Crisis Veterinary Medicine Holistic Pet Wellness Education Event

IN THE PRESS: Your Natural Dog Offers Free Holistic Pet Wellness Event Online

Your Natural Dog is pleased to announce its first free virtual event that focuses on healing pets holistically, using medicinal herbs, plants, mushrooms and food—instead of pharmaceuticals.  Do No Harm,... Read More

TikTok Vet on Your Natural Dog Podcast

Dog Obesity with Dr. Adam Christman on Your Natural Dog Podcast

Don’t be discouraged if your dog is obese- the condition can usually be reversed! In this episode, Dr. Adam Christman explains some of the most common causes of obesity in... Read More

Mushrooms for Dogs Mycodog Mushrooms Mycoalchemist mycologist Jason Scott YND Your Natural Dog Podcast

Mushrooms for Dogs: Part 2 with Jason Scott on Your Natural Dog Podcast

There’s so much more to talk about around medicinal mushrooms for dogs, so Jason Scott is returning to the podcast to answer more questions! Jason is a mycologist, ethnobotanist, and... Read More

Mushrooms For Dogs: Buyer Beware

It’s no secret that mushrooms are starting to dominate in the health industry, and fast! Research is recognizing and acknowledging the vast health improvements in people, and now pets, for... Read More

osteosarcoma in dogs bone cancer in dogs Nina update doberman with osteosarcoma

Osteosarcoma in Dogs: How Holistic Medicine Helped My Doberman

This is an update on Nina, following my one year update, and original post on Nina’s Osteosarcoma diagnosis. TWO YEARS AGO my beloved doberman Nina, now 10 years old, was... Read More

How Do You Know Your Dog's in Pain with Dr. James St. Clair on Your Natural Dog Podcast

How do you Know Your Dog’s in Pain? with Dr. James St. Clair on Your Natural Dog Podcast

It’s important to seek out treatment if your dog is suffering, but it’s also just as important to stay aware of common conditions and take action to help prevent them.... Read More

CBD oil for dogs with cancer benefits

CBD Oil for Dogs with Cancer

It’s any pet parent’s worst nightmare hearing those words, “I’m sorry, your dog has cancer.” Our pets are just as precious as any member of our family, so it goes... Read More

Turkey Tail Mushroom for Dogs Blog Featured Image

Turkey Tail Mushrooms For Dogs

There are many wonderful medicinal mushroom varieties that you can give your dog, but Turkey Tail Mushrooms for dogs tops the list for many reasons, especially when talking about cancer.... Read More

Lion's Mane Mushroom for Dogs Blog Featured Image

The Benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushrooms For Dogs

When we think about the foundation of health, not many people realize that the nervous system is the absolute most critical thing dictating our and our pets’ overall health. But... Read More

Nina Osteosarcoma Update - Featured Image - Nina and Angie sitting on the dock

How I Kept My Dog’s Cancer From Spreading

The Super Doberman who is slaying Osteosarcoma Naturally! This is my first update on Nina, over a year after my original blog post on her diagnosis: Fuck Cancer and the... Read More

Diatomaceous Earth Blog Featured Image

Diatomaceous What?

Diatomaceous Earth: Why this organic substance is one of my favorites in my holistic tool kit! Diatomaceous Earth for dogs is a powder made from the remains of fossilized organisms... Read More

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