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CBD Dog Health Colloidal Sivler

How Colloidal Silver Can Help Your Dogs

Unless you are tapped into the holistic health realm, you may not have heard much about colloidal silver. Or, you may know about the uses of colloidal silver for people,... Read More

Don’t Miss My Holistic Pet Sessions!

Join me on Oct. 6 from 5 – 7 p.m. at Chillum Glass Gallery in Ybor City (Tampa) or Oct. 13 from 6-8 p.m. at Beautify the Beast in Lutz,... Read More

CBD Dog Health Essential Oils for Dogs

Can Dogs Use Essential Oils?

Essential oils have become popular ways of easing into holistic healing. But, as we fill our diffusers with our favorite blends and rub our favorite scents on our hands and... Read More

When Parting is too Much Sorrow

Blanche, a Shih Tzu,  is a sweet, loving dog. Her fluffy face almost always looks like she is in deep, stoic thought — but behind those thoughtful eyes was once... Read More

Can Dogs Get Dementia?

When your dog enters their senior years, you may notice a change in their behaviors. It may be tough to spot at first, but if your senior dog is showing... Read More

Angela Ardolino Pet Expert

How I Heal Dogs Naturally

 To see Angela Ardolino on her rescue farm, surrounded by dogs, chickens, geese, and her pet pig, is to see her in her element. Her grin spreads wide across... Read More

Buyer Beware: CBD Marketing Scams and Terms to Know

CBD oil is a new and growing industry. While this is an exciting time for the pioneers of the market, this can also be a scary time to be a... Read More

Is Turmeric Safe for Pets?

When it comes to holistic healing, we are often tempted to head to our nearest all-natural store to look for cure-alls. But, you may already have a key ingredient to... Read More

Do My Emotions Impact My Pet’s?

Your dog is receptive to your general moods. If you have ever been anxious, nervous, or upset, you may have noticed that your dog mirrors those emotions. No, it is... Read More

Hemp Questions Answered

When it comes to CBD, it is easy to be confused. There is a lot of misinformation floating around the web, and it can be daunting to understand what is... Read More

Choosing the Best Diet for Your Dog

What you put into your body directly impacts what you get out of it. If you eat fast food, you will not feel your best and your health will suffer.... Read More

Pet-Friendly Ingredients with Hidden Toxins

We all know that we probably should not give our pets table scraps, and we definitely shouldn’t let them eat any chocolate. But, hiding inside some “dog-safe” products are harmful... Read More

Angela Ardolino


Angela Ardolino

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