Taking the time to connect and bond with your children is not only something children crave, but it makes the awkward tween/teen years much easier.  When you take the time to listen,  share and just be with them, they will be happier, more secure, and willing to talk to you about their problems and take your advice.

Read with Them
o Introduce the classics and a love for reading.
o Creating a bed time rountine that ends each night with a reading a book is a wonderful way to bond and create calm before they go to sleep.

Start conversations in the car
o Be sure to learn something about your child’s day.  Like what they are looking forward to or what they’re not.  Ask questions and don’t allow them to answer with an “I don’t know” or “nothing”.

Eat meals together
o Ask questions and add a little fun to your next family meal.
o Share your day with them and ask them to do the same.
o Tell stories from your childhood.

Play with them
o Playing with your children teaches them how to work together as a team, think on their feet and create great ways to be active together.
o Some oldies but goodies;  Hide and go seek, monopoly, Rock Band, card games, tag.

Work on a project together
o Working on a project together is a wonderful opportunity to teach your child a skill while offering a platform to show appreciation and praise towards your child.
o Fun projects to do together; Build a dog/bird house, plant a vegetable and herb garden,  cook a fancy meal, volunteer on a community project together.

One on One Time
o Create a date night alone with each child
o Go one a bike ride or walk.
o Learn something together like dance, yoga, fencing.

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