Is there anything better than Spring? The flowers and trees are in bloom, the days are growing longer and baby animals are everywhere. But one of my favorite things about it is kids spring fashion. Not only is it a time for kids to play outside in all of the sunshine glory, but they can look stylish and adorable while they do!

Your child’s fashion can be more than just character tee-shirts. It can be fun, adorable, and comfortable.

Some of our favorite trends this season are:

New and Improved Bib Front Dress

Although every mom adores a classic bib front dress, there’s a new version worth trying out: the new and improved bib front dress. This dress is a modern twist on the original bib front dress, making it more stylish and practical. It comes with underarm side panels, giving your daughter more arm room to run around and play. They come in a variety of different patterns, such as floral.

One of our favorite brands for adorable dresses is Lacey Lane. They have the new bib front dresses, adorable patterns and prints, and are a great place to get all of your child’s fashion inspiration.

Nature/Animal Graphics- tropical patterns

There are a ton of popular graphic trends for kids this spring, but the top two winners are nature and animal graphics. When it comes to nature, we see a lot of zoomed-in patterns of leaves, flowers, fruit and bugs. Tropical patterns, which are great for Florida, are also seen a lot. In terms of animal graphics, sea creatures, such as sharks and seahorses, are a big trend in children’s clothing.

We love this sibling collection from Tea. It combines fun prints with classic style that each of your children can enjoy.

Bandana Headbands

Headbands have always been a hot trend for little girls, but this spring is all about the bandana. Due to the bandana’s bad reputation, some parents might not like this trend as much as the others. However, these bandana headbands are a lot less rugged looking and much more tasteful. They come in a variety of different colors and patterns, giving them a more feminine look.

Pastel Colors


Pastels are great for the spring because they’re bright and fun! According to designers, color spectrum in kids fashion should be chosen depending on the age group, due to the abnormalities of the nervous system. Nevertheless, kids are encouraged to wear pastel colors during the spring, especially around Easter time. In fact, Pantone’s Colors of 2016 (Rose Quartz and Serenity) are pastels. Designers have been incorporating the two colors into children’s fashion clothes this spring.

We love these spring colors from Lacey Lane.

Mom/Dad Inspired Sneakers-

Kids love to dress up like their parents, so of course they would be ecstatic to rock a pair of shoes that resembles that of their parents. Men and women sneaker collections are the inspiration for children’s shoes of spring 2016. These sneakers, much like the GGDB Children Shoes collection, offer a variety of unique designs, as well as quality support.


Pants-transformers are the perfect spring trend for young boys. They look like regular cargo pants from a glance, but they actually unzip at the knee, turning them into cargo shorts. They’re classy looking, as well as lightweight. Pants-transformers are great for transitioning into the spring and summer, especially in Florida.