Backpack Safety

The new school year is underway, which means that kids will start filling their backpacks with their new school supplies. As your kids pile notebooks into their new backpacks, parents... Read More

Explaining Design to Kids

Originally published here.  by Ryan Buynak of AR Design Design 4 Kids Kids are naturally curious about what their parents do for a living, and when we try to explain it to... Read More

Baby the Baby Teeth

Losing baby teeth is part of a child’s growth and development, but the premature loss of baby teeth can create a unique problem for your child. Premature tooth loss typically... Read More

So-Long Soda!

It’s no secret that soda is bad for you but trying to kick a bad habit can be easier said than done– especially if you do it at least once... Read More

5 Quick Me-Time Tips

We live in a constantly connected world where we are expected to always stay one step ahead. Whether you are trying to keep up with your children, your job, or... Read More

How to Create a Butterfly Paradise

Whether you are looking for ways to teach your family about the earth and nature, or you just would like to make your home a relaxing and peaceful place, creating... Read More

Mindfulness for the Family

Living a balanced life seems nearly impossible with all of today’s stress. Whether the kids are crying, your cell phone won’t stop buzzing in your purse, or your email inbox... Read More

4 Easy Essential Options

“Put some tea tree oil on that, it’ll clear right up.” “Take a bath with lavender for your nerves.” For years, families seeking holistic health options have heard the benefits... Read More

Extraordinary Woman: Stevie Morgan

About three years ago, Stevie Morgan was a soon-to-be single mom trying to figure things out. She had just moved from Miami back to Tampa where she (and her father... Read More

Pack your Child’s Back for Success: Backpack Safety Tips for the School Year

by Dr. Lou Romig, Assistant Medical Director;  After Hours Pediatrics Urgent Care When shopping for your child’s school backpack, there are important factors to consider. Carrying too much weight in... Read More

Extraordinary Woman: Katharine Eagan

As CEO of Hillsborough Area Regional Transit system, Katharine Eagan, 42, will be responsible for 15 million trips this year. While that’s exciting, it may be even more fun at... Read More

Extraordinary Woman: Marilyn Reynolds

Although born in Fort Stewart, Georgia, Marilyn Reynolds’ family moved to Tampa when she was just 1.  Other than four years at Loyola University in New Orleans, Reynolds has always... Read More

Angela Ardolino


Angela Ardolino

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