teef dog dental health dr. emily stein on your natural dog podcast with angela ardolino

Dog Dental Health with Dr. Emily Stein on Your Natural Dog Podcast

Sometimes, our pet’s oral health and hygiene are forgotten and that’s a problem. Just like us, keeping our mouth clean and healthy is not only keeping our breath smelling nice... Read More

Rodney Habib and I Breakdown CBD Oil For Dogs

How do I dose CBD oil safely for my dogs? Is there enough research on CBD? What is CBD anyways?!  We get these questions all the time. In a special Facebook Live edition... Read More

Is Lavendar Oil Safe For Dogs?

Is Lavender Essential Oil Safe For Your Pet?

Have you noticed that everywhere you look, people are talking about essential oils? What used to be considered just a fringe treatment or a pleasant way to wade into aromatherapy... Read More

Can CBD Help with Pancreatitis in Dogs?

When one organ is out of balance in your dog’s body, your dog’s overall health will decline. Nowhere is this more evident than in cases of pancreatitis. The pancreas is... Read More

CBD and Diarrhea

Can CBD Cause Dog Diarrhea?

For this week’s episode of “It’s A Dog’s Life,” I sat down with CBD Dog Health’s Director of Education and Outreach – Carter Easler. Carter and I sat down to... Read More

The Power Of Food As Medicine

The Power of Food as Medicine with Tigger Montague

For this week’s episode of “It’s A Dog’s Life,” I sat down with Tigger Montague, Owner, and Founder of BioStar. Tigger has been in the industry since 2007 creating natural... Read More

The Holistic Industry

The Holistic Industry with Dr. Judy Morgan

This week, Dr. Judy Morgan joins me to talk all things holistic pet health including CBD and the successes she has seen with pets SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST – It’s a Dog’s... Read More

Monkey's House

Monkey’s House – A Dog Hospice & Sanctuary

Monkey’s House – A Dog Hospice & Sanctuary In this week’s episode of “It’s A Dog’s Life,” I got the chance to sit down with one of my favorite people,... Read More

Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes 2

Fleas, Ticks And Mosquitoes: What To Do And How To Stop Them

In this week’s episode of “It’s A Dog’s Life,” I sat down with Carter Easler, Director of Outreach and Education at CBD Dog Health. Both Carter and I are currently... Read More

Aninmal Wellness

Animal Wellness with Dr. Josie Beug

Animal Wellness with Dr. Josie Beug This week’s episode of “It’s A Dog’s Life” was very important to me. Why? I’ve been trying to get the amazing Dr. Josie Beug... Read More

Natural Flea Treatments For Dogs

Natural Flea Treatments and Repellants for Pet, Home and Yard

When you see your pet scratching, you always hope that it’s not the little bloodsuckers that we all loathe so much. We spend hundreds of dollars on pills, sprays, and... Read More

The Cannabis Pet Expert

The Cannabis Pet Expert – Angela Ardolino

For this one, we decided to switch it up! Since Angela Ardolino doesn’t necessarily like talking about herself, Hernando Umana, Co-owner of CBD Dog Health takes the rings and guides... Read More

Angela Ardolino


Angela Ardolino

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