Behind the Scenes July Cover Photo Shoot

July was an exciting month. Not only did we have fun gearing up for the July 4th holiday, but we also got to shoot Tampa Bay Parenting’s cover and cool off at... Read More

Ferment Your Way To Optimal Health

There has been a rise in the flourishing and enthusiastic trend of experimenting with fermentation to enhance flavors and create healthier and more sustainable foods. Of course, fermentation is by... Read More

Phthalates and Food: a Bad Combination

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals permeate our environment and some of the worst are phthalates, linked to genital defects in boys, asthma, endometriosis and learning disabilities. They’re common ingredients in household plastics and... Read More

Bedtime Battles

Every night, parents are faced with a big challenge: getting the kids to go to bed without a fight. We have heard it all, from “I need a glass of... Read More

FDA-Approved Food Packaging Exposes Babies to Toxic Rocket Fuel Chemical

By Megan Boyle, HCHW Editorial Director Perchlorate, a toxic component of rocket fuel, may be harming your baby’s development – and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is allowing it... Read More

Parenting with Angela Pesticides Video Girl

Picky About Pesticides

Lisa-Marie Leihy takes care to make sure that her daughter, Sarina, stays healthy. She cooks healthy meals, reminds Sarina to put on her helmet when she rides her bike, and... Read More

Parenting with Angela July 2016 Beach Snacks

Ditch the Chips at the Beach

Who doesn’t love going to the beach? Especially in Florida, beach weather can be almost year round. Packing the cooler can seem like an easy task, until someone realizes there’s... Read More

Parenting with Angela July 2016 What is Paleo

Eat Like a Caveman

Making lifestyle and dietary changes can be easy when you choose the right changes for you. With all of the fad diets, eating trends and things that we are told... Read More

Parenting with Angela 2016 July Milk Mania

Milk Mania

by Krista Lyons When I was little, I hated milk. As I grew older, my body began to hate cow’s milk too. Lactose intolerance set in and I have found... Read More

Fighting Flame Retardant Chemicals

Flame retardant chemicals linked to cancer and hormone disruption have been detected in a group of California children at higher levels than found in an earlier study of kids in... Read More

Parenting with Angela Dog Summer July 2016

Keeping Your Pet Safe in the Summer Heat

Each summer, hundreds of dogs are harmed as a result of being left in hot cars or left outside without enough water or protection. Heat waves, like the one most... Read More

Parenting with Angela July 2016 Mom Fashion

Kid-Friendly Mom Fashions

You may be a fashionista in hiding. A glamour girl turned exhausted woman with binkies hanging out of the over-sized fashionable bag on your shoulder. Whether you are the mom... Read More

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Angela Ardolino

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