Keep pets calm during summer fireworks

When the fireworks are lighting up the sky to celebrate Independence Day, you may find your pets running for cover, or worse, running away. For many dogs, July 4 (and... Read More

Phthalates and Food: a Bad Combination

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals permeate our environment and some of the worst are phthalates, linked to genital defects in boys, asthma, endometriosis and learning disabilities. They’re common ingredients in household plastics and... Read More

Parenting with Angela Pesticides Video Girl

Picky About Pesticides

Lisa-Marie Leihy takes care to make sure that her daughter, Sarina, stays healthy. She cooks healthy meals, reminds Sarina to put on her helmet when she rides her bike, and... Read More

Angela Ardolino


Angela Ardolino

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