5 Quick Me-Time Tips

Happy loving family

We live in a constantly connected world where we are expected to always stay one step ahead. Whether you are trying to keep up with your children, your job, or your significant other, it seems that as women, we let ourselves fall by the wayside. We spend so much time making sure that we fill everyone else’s cup, that ours often sits empty. When you add in the constant stress of what is going on in the news and the world, it can seem impossible to ever feel fully rested.

The good news is this: there are easy ways to take care of yourself and rejuvenate your spirit. Before you begin, however it is important to acknowledge that self-care is NOT selfish. Taking time for your mind and body to reconnect is just as important as all of your mommy-duties– especially for new moms. Sometimes, you need a break, and that is okay. Only when you take care of yourself can be the amazing mother you truly can be. Once you have stopped guilt-tripping yourself, try these five quick tips to start your journey of self-care.

1. Unplug and disconnect

How many times have you checked social media today? Was it the first thing you looked at this morning? Did you pull it up as you had a few moments of silence in the bathroom (we have all been there)? Social media has been proven to increase anxiety and creates a vacuum of fear and rattled nerves. One of the easiest things you can do to ground yourself and start focusing on your needs is to ditch the phone– even if only for an hour a day. When the kids are at school, turn the phone on do not disturb mode and go for a walk, you will be amazed at how rejuvenated you feel after you unplug and how much more connected you will feel to your family without focusing on your phone. If you have a long workday, take a walk without your phone or any media devices around. It can be one of the simplest ways for you to rest your mind and care for your body at the same time.

2. Plan an aromatherapy bath 

Especially when your kids are little, planning time for yourself can seem impossible– especially something as time-consuming as a bath for yourself. However, an aromatherapy bath can help you reconnect with your senses and nourish your skin at the same time. It will give you time to rest your mind and let your muscles relax. The most important thing about planning a bath for yourself, however, is making sure that you stick to it just like you would stick to an important business meeting. Pretend that your entire income depends on your relaxing bath and work with your significant other to make sure that the kids give you a little bit of space during your bath time. It will make all the difference in the world.

3. Spend time alone

This might be the simplest thing, but you can’t focus on taking care of yourself if you don’t take time to really listen to what your body is telling you– alone. Whether it is taking ten minutes to breathe and do yoga or taking your lunch break by yourself, this will give you time to really think about what YOU want to think about. It will help you find clarity in your thoughts and will help you find peace. It is even better if you find time to meditate alone– but something as short as ten minutes alone is helpful.

4. Buy yourself some flowers

You have been waiting for a bouquet of flowers or a new potted plant for how long? You are always doing the shopping for the family, so do a little shopping for you! If you are already at the grocery store, spoil yourself with flowers or a plant as a reminder that you are worth it. If you are able to get a plant, it is a great daily reminder to take care of yourself just as you would take care of the plant.

5. Create something

It can literally be anything. Art, knitting, cooking something you always wanted to try, writing, sculpting– it doesn’t matter what you are creating but spending 20 minutes working on creating something is incredibly restorative for the soul. It doesn’t need to have a purpose other than that it is something you want to try. You might be surprised to find a hidden talent!

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