Fire Flake Farm

Fire Flake Farm

Our Rescue Farm

Angela Ardolino grew up on an acre of land in Miami where she spent most of her time caring for ducks, turtles, hermit crabs, rabbits, doves, birds, and neighborhood strays. Outside with her animals was her happy place and where she preferred to be.

15 years ago, Angela moved to a farmhouse on three acres in Lutz, FL and knew it would be the perfect place to start a rescue for neglected farm animals and dogs. Just as she did when she was a kid, she created her happy place and named it Fire Flake Farm, where she began to provide a safe haven for animals that others had given up on.

In 2017, Angela purchased a grooming and boarding business called Beautify the Beast. Through Beautify the Beast, Angela created a program where dogs can board, train, and foster at Fire Flake Farm. This gave dogs who suffered behavioral and health issues a second chance and gave pet parents a place to learn about safe, natural healing. To date, the farm has rescued, fostered, and placed hundreds of animals.

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Currently, Fire Flake Farm is home to:

  • 9 geese
  • 19 ducks
  • 12 chickens
  • 1 pig
  • Several dogs, including Nina, Odie, Jolene, Maza, Rhemi, Daisy, Roxie, Blanche and fosters looking for forever homes.

Proceeds from Beautify the Beast and CBD Dog Health fund the food and care for all the animals on the Farm. To learn more about Fire Flake Farm and to inquire about how to adopt one of Angela’s fosters, click here.