CBD for epilepsy seizures studies research on cannabis cbd for dogs with epilepsy dr. stephanie mcgrath on your natural dog podcast

Studies on CBD for Canine Epilepsy with Dr. Stephanie McGrath on Your Natural Dog Podcast

Cannabis-based therapies have been used for centuries for various medicinal purposes. As awareness of the benefits of cannabis therapy is increasing among veterinarians and pet owners, research is still catching... Read More

what are flavonoids? full spectrum hemp extract cannabis flavonoids your natural dog podcast with angela ardolino

What are Flavonoids? with Carter Easler on Your Natural Dog Podcast

You may have heard about the benefits of a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, but why is whole plant medicine best? One reason is Flavonoids, an essential part of cannabis medicine!... Read More

Adrenal Disorders in Dogs with Dr Ruth Roberts on Your Natural Dog Podcast with Angela Ardolino

Adrenal Disorders in Dogs with Dr. Ruth Roberts

Recently I did a podcast with Dr. Ruth Roberts, integrative veterinarian, holistic health coach, longtime pet advocate and your pet’s ally. Dr. Ruth is also the creator of The Original... Read More

osteosarcoma in dogs bone cancer in dogs Nina update doberman with osteosarcoma

Osteosarcoma in Dogs: How Holistic Medicine Helped My Doberman

In 2020, my beloved doberman Nina, was diagnosed with canine Osteosarcoma at the age of 8. It is the most common type of bone cancer in dogs, and can affect... Read More

Rodney Habib and I Breakdown CBD Oil For Dogs

How do I dose CBD oil safely for my dogs? Is there enough research on CBD? What is CBD anyways?!  We get these questions all the time. In a special Facebook Live edition... Read More

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Dogs TCM for dogs Dr Ruth Roberts YND Podcast Your Natural Dog

Chinese Medicine for Dogs with Dr. Ruth Roberts on Your Natural Dog Podcast

Traditional Chinese Medicine for dogs is a valuable tool for healing your pets naturally, especially when paired with cannabis, mushrooms, and a healthy diet. In this episode, Dr. Ruth Roberts... Read More

caring for dogs with cancer with dr sarah urban on your natural dog podcast

Caring for Dogs with Cancer with Dr. Sarah Urban on Your Natural Dog Podcast

When a dog gets cancer, conventional vets may tell you that pharmaceuticals are the only option. But holistic interventions like full spectrum hemp extract, lifestyle changes, and adaptogens can prolong... Read More

CBD oil for dogs with cancer benefits

CBD Oil for Dogs with Cancer

It’s any pet parent’s worst nightmare hearing those words, “I’m sorry, your dog has cancer.” Our pets are just as precious as any member of our family, so it goes... Read More

Helping Horses with CBD featuring Dr Sarah Urban - Episode 2 of Your Natural Dog with Angela Ardolino - Blog Featured Image

Helping Horses with CBD with Dr. Sarah Urban on Your Natural Dog Podcast

Did you know that all farm animals, from goats to pigs to horses, can benefit from full spectrum hemp extract? In this episode of Your Natural Dog with Angela Ardolino,... Read More

IS CBD Right For My Pet? - Featured image woman with dog and computer

Is CBD Right For My Pet?

If you’re anything like me, chances are you’re reading the same book I am this week, the New York Times #1 Best Seller, The Forever Dog by Rodney Habib and... Read More

Keep Your Pets Safe this Halloween

If you are like me, your dog IS your doorbell. But when people ring your actual doorbell, all hell breaks loose. Especially when you have young kids in the house,... Read More

miss daisie mast cell tumor protocol featured image

Mast Cell Tumor Holistic Protocol

By Angela Ardolino under the supervision of Dr. Ruth Roberts, DVM Miss Daisie’s Story Mast Cell Tumor Holistic Protocol DAY Food with added supplements: Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm or Raw Vibrance... Read More

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