Being inside doesn’t mean the kids have to sit in front of the TV or computer, there are plenty of ways to stay active!

1. Dance around the living room to your favorite music
This is a great way to bond with your kids, especially if you share taste in music. Getting silly together will make them feel closer to you and will burn some calories.

2. Board games
Don’t underestimate the age-old classics like Monopoly, Life and Scrabble. These are a great way for the whole family to have some down time and often can come with great lessons about money and spelling.

3. Do household organization projects as a family
Spring-cleaning is a pain in the neck! But if you get the whole family together to do a project it will ensure that you spend time together and will allow you to get things done much quicker. Make it a game and make it fun. Use a reward system where if everyone helps out then you will go out for ice cream or spend an hour doing something fun.

4. Watch movies
Kids love movies, but they don’t want to sit in front of a TV by themselves. Watching movies as a family, maybe with some popcorn, is a great way to bond. Plus, you can interact with them and mediate the movie content. Remember, every moment is an opportunity to talk about tough issues.

5. Read together
Encouraging your kids to read is important but doing it together can make it much more fun. Plus, when you read together you can help them read things that are more advanced and work on expanding their vocabulary.

6. Cook/Bake together
Make cookies or homemade pizza, this will be fun and delicious for the whole family and can encourage your child’s creativity.

7. Oldies but goodies
Never forget the classics like hide and seek and charades that can allow you to pass the time when the weather is too cold to run around outside.

8. Creative Projects
Have your kids create works of art by drawing their own pictures, or creating their own short stories. This will allow them to express themselves and work on their skills, whatever their interests may be.