Many parents are trying to remove pesticides from their households, but avoiding pesticides all together can be very challenging. Many people don’t know exactly how to do it and where to start. Parenting expert Angela Ardolino has some helpful tips on how to rid our lives of these harmful substances and live a healthier lifestyle.

1. Just Say NO!
a. Pesticides contain harsh chemicals that are toxic for you and your children. Avoid bug and rodent problems through good sanitation and proper food storage rather than with harsh chemical sprays like Raid.

2. Preventative Measures
a. Create a place near your homes entryway where people can remove and store shoes. Otherwise, take off shoes near the door and carry them inside to prevent tracking pesticides through the house.
b. Pesticides used to kill bug son crops can be extremely harmful when consumed. Wash all fruits and veggies before eating them or cooking with them. Use clean water and a non-toxic biodegradable soap.
c. If possible, grow your own fruits and vegetables in order to avoid harsh, chemically treated produce.

3. No Chemicals Necessary
a. If you have problems with ants or other bugs follow their trails and see how they’re getting inside. Once you discover their point of entry make sure to seal it off. This way you can deal with the problem without bringing in toxins.

4. Home Remedies
a. Fight weeds by spraying white wine vinegar on them rather than harsh weed killer than can be dangerous for your pets and children. Keep them away by incorporating mulch in your landscaping.
b. Put down cayenne pepper or paprika to combat an ant problem.
c. Rub fresh basil on your skin to repel mosquitos outside.

Angela’s Teachable Moment: When you begin to grow your own garden and the pests take over, work as a family to find ways to combat it without using harsh chemicals. When you go to the grocery store explain to your kids the importance of buying organic.