Ever thought of making your own baby food? It’s a lot more affordable and easier than you think! Simply steam your fruits and veggies and use a handy kitchen device like The Cuisinart CSB-76, also voted #1 Kitchen Gadget in 2010 Parent’s Choice Awards, and reasonably priced at $29.95!

Here are a few noteworthy reasons to go ‘homemade’:

•Save money!! Homemade baby food will cost you a fraction of the price of ready-made food.

•You’re officially a “green mom” by using organic produce (if you prefer) and reducing your carbon footprint with each batch of baby food.

•Guaranteed healthy and nutritious meals: you know every ingredient used.

So reach into your inner chef and experiment with tasty purees like apple and sweet potatoes or try something traditional like a potato, chicken and carrot medley.  Best of all, your baby food critic will reap all the benefits!