Believer! Skin tumor gone in two weeks!

(Left) Olivia the Maltipoo, (Upper Right) Skin tumor before treatment, (Lower Right) Tumor after 2 weeks treatment with REMEDY salve. These amazing all-natural products are available here, REMEDY salve and HEAL tincture.

When Olivia, an 8-year-old rescue Maltipoo was adopted by her mom, Jennifer, on October 31, 2014, it was love at first sight. When she was adopted and brought to her forever home, Olivia had a few small moles but Jennifer wasn’t worried- she was just happy to have found her angel.

Through the next few years, Jennifer noticed that the small moles on her cuddly, sweet Olivia had become scaly, hard growths. By February 2017, Olivia’s left lower back had a large, wart-like sore and she had a few smaller growths around her body. By December 2018, the largest sore on the now 13-year-old Olivia had become a skin tumor and she was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease.

Jennifer desperately started searching for something to help.  She tried everything, but the concoctions of medications from the vet scared Jennifer, so she started looking for more holistic, homeopathic treatment methods.

“I tried everything to get rid of it,” said Jennifer. “She was on a few prescriptions from the vet but I didn’t like the side effects. It was just all a lot to give to such a little dog, and the treatment was so expensive and not really working. So, I wanted to try as many natural treatments as I could, but nothing was working.”

Jennifer had started to lose hope. And then, she heard about House of Alchemy’s all natural treatments.

Jennifer had heard about homeopathic salves and tinctures, and was skeptical of whether or not it would work. She didn’t want to risk giving Olivia something that would make her tumor worse, but decided that it would be a better option than keeping her on dangerous medications that barely worked. So, she purchased House of Alchemy’s HEAL tincture and REMEDY salve, crossing her fingers and praying that something – anything – would heal her sweet girl.

Jennifer cleaned the growths daily and applied the REMEDY salve directly to the growths. Additionally, Olivia started orally ingested the HEAL tincture once a day to treat her Cushing’s Disease.

After only 2 weeks, one of Olivia’s growths had shrunk to half its size and then completely fell off.

Jennifer was so happy and surprised, she wrote me an email to share Olivia’s story. Needless to say the title of her email to us was – “Believer!”

Words can’t always describe the effects of this all-natural medicine, so instead, here are her photos so you can also become a BELIEVER just like Jennifer.

Sweet Olivia


Olivia’s largest, very ugly skin tumor


The photo above is after the second week of applying REMEDY skin salve and giving full dose of HEAL tincture everyday.
Pieces of the tumor began to fall off after using REMEDY and HEAL.


Pieces of the tumor continued to fall off through the three weeks of using REMEDY.
One of Olivia’s growths on Feb. 12, 2019, which is almost completely healed.


































“I am just so happy to see her finally feel better,” said Jennifer. “It is like a dream come true.”

Olivia continues to take REMEDY and HEAL, especially to treat her largest growth which is still in the healing process.

These amazing all-natural products are available here, REMEDY salve and HEAL tincture.

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