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CBD For Horses with Dr. Sarah Urban, DVM

Dr. Sarah Urban, an Integrative Veterinarian, is practicing and continuing her education in chiropractic, massage, and food as medicine. Dr. Urban has experience and certifications in canine rehabilitation, animal acupuncture,... Read More

Wag Out Loud with Krista Karpowich

On this week’s episode of It’s A Dog’s Life, we got the chance to sit down and talk with Krista Karpowich – The top dog of Wag Out Loud! Wag... Read More

Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Christina Chambreau, DVM

Dr. Christina Chambreau, DVM, is an internationally-recognized holistic veterinarian, lecturer, and author. She graduated from the University of Georgia Veterinary College in 1980 and began using homeopathy in her practice... Read More

Physical Rehabilitation with Dr. Ava Frick

Dr. Ava Frick, a holistic veterinarian, is on a mission to write, speak, and teach about natural methods of healing. She has a long list of successes and it was... Read More

Where’s The Research? Helping our Animals

Animals and people are diagnosed with many of the same illnesses. There are certain types of animals found to be most credible in certain research studies than others. The information... Read More

Alternative Treatment with Dr. Erika Halle

Dr. Erika Halle, DVM, graduated from Oregon State University with her veterinary degree in 2010. She is a holistic veterinarian practicing alternative medicine. She practices acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Veterinary... Read More

Natural Pet Health with Billy Hoekman

Recently I did a podcast with Billy from Answers Pet Food where they produce amazing raw foods. He’s as passionate about pet health as you and I and he’s also... Read More


The Benefits of Boswellia

Boswellia, commonly referred to as Frankincense, has been used for centuries to treat inflammatory conditions including asthma, arthritis, cerebral edema, chronic pain syndrome, chronic bowel diseases, and cancer. It originates... Read More

The Original CrockPET Diet with Dr. Ruth Roberts

For this week’s episode on It’s A Dog’s Life, I sat done with Dr. Ruth Roberts – The pet health transformer, an integrative veterinarian with an amazing story to tell.... Read More

CBD for Aggression in Dogs

Canine aggression is a common, but serious problem in today’s world. It’s a behavioral issue that ranges from mild to severe with many different causes. Aggressive behavior is common in... Read More

Boulder Holistic Vet with Dr. Angie Krause

For this week’s epsiode on It’s A Dog’s Life, I sat down with Dr. Angie Krause, a holistic vet with her own practice – Boulder Holistic Vet. Dr. Angie and... Read More

Cannabis Voices with Mary Biles

Mary Biles, an ex-TV producer, writer, and educator appeared on ‘It’s a Dog Life’ podcast as a special guest. Biles has a background in holistic health and has written for... Read More

Angela Ardolino


Angela Ardolino

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