Cannabis Voices with Mary Biles

Mary Biles, an ex-TV producer, writer, and educator appeared on ‘It’s a Dog Life’ podcast as a special guest. Biles has a background in holistic health and has written for numerous publications including CNN, BBC, and The Huffington Post. During her time living in Southern Spain, she came across the therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant leading her into a career writing about cannabinoids (CBD in particular). She has been involved in European medical cannabis research, the endocannabinoid system, and translating scientific terms into understandable pieces of information. 

Inspiration for Mary Biles

When asked, “what were some of the amazing discoveries you have come across,” Mary answered with “To be honest, it’s always been about the patient case studies and my research is mostly human-based. There was a little boy who had febrile convulsions when he was only one year old, and began having autistic behaviors and began losing his language.”

Biles continued to explain “his parents were at a loss to know what to do. There was nothing more the doctors could do, and after some research on the parents’ end, CBD came into the conversation. By this time, he was four or five years old. And, after the CBD, he began talking again. And, that’s just astonishing.” 

She continued to explain cases from around the world of seizures being controlled with the implementation of CBD, pain being controlled with CBD, and mental health being affected positively as well. 

Cannabis Voices Podcast

Mary Biles has a podcast called Cannabis Voices to learn more about her work, listen to her stories, and gain useful information that perhaps you can implement into your own lives, or into a friend or family member’s life. In her most recent podcast, she interviewed a woman named Vera Twomey. She is recognized as potentially one of the most influential voices in Cannabis Voices podcast due to her public fight with the Irish government to obtain legal access to medical cannabis for her daughter, Ava, with a Dravet Syndrome diagnosis

She stated “Ava has Dravet Syndrome, a rare and catastrophic type of epilepsy that pharmaceutical drugs have no answer for. Before cannabis, Ava was having hundreds of violent seizures a week and was being regularly rushed to the hospital. Like many parents of children with epilepsy, Vera came across the stories of children like Charlotte Figi who had found CBD and cannabis could control their seizures where pharmaceutical drugs had failed. And so began her very public battle with the Irish government to get Ava legal access to medical cannabis.”

The remainder of the podcast can be found here.

Contacting Mary Biles

Mary Biles can be contacted via her website at She can also be reached via email at or by phone at 00 44 7977 705 475.

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