1) Elf on the Shelf: If you want to get into the holiday spirit and watch your kids be “extra good because Santa is watching,” you’ll want to pick up an Elf on the Shelf. The small pixie elf can become a family tradition for you and your kids. This special elf makes an appearance at your house (leading up to Christmas) to be Santa’s eyes and ears and report all behavior back to Santa himself. All you have to do is remind your children that the elf is watching! The elf conveniently only speaks to adults and the Christmas magic is released once the elf is given a name. The Elf on the Shelf can be purchased at or Both places are offering special discounts now!

2) Hide the Pickle: A German tradition where the special “pickle” ornament is hidden deep within the branches of the family Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. The child who finds the pickle first on Christmas morning will receive an extra gift or special treat from St. Nick.

3) Watch Holiday Classics: Take a walk down memory lane, pop up some popcorn and watch A Christmas Story, Miracle on 54th Street and A Christmas Carol. These classics are always a hit, year after year.

4) Christmas Crackers or Bon-Bons: Popular in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa – Christmas crackers are like mini fire crackers that help to celebrate Christmas with a bang! Brightly decorated twists of paper are wrapped around a cardboard tube, so that the tube resembles a large piece of candy. The “cracker” is pulled by two people and a small bang erupts from the cracker tube.