Hiring a tutor for your child can be stressful but worth it for many parents and children and can even improve your relationship. With the ever growing class size, offing a one on one option may be beneficial if your child begins to fall behind OR begins to get bored with the current education the school is able to provide in the classroom.

Signs Your Child May Need a Tutor

  • Parents don’t have the time to help with homework.
  • Grades begin to fall despite hard work.
  • Your child gets easily frustrated at particular subjects or tasks or states they are not good at it.
  • Your child stops completing their homework or projects.
  • Your child seems behind the skill level in basic math, writing and grammar to other children his/her age.
  • Your child seems to have lower self-esteem.
  • Your child suddenly rebels and dislikes going to school or wants to avoid regular activities with other students like riding the bus.
  • Your child is an advanced learner and seems bored.
  • The college your child wants to attend requires high grades and test scores.

Benefits of a Tutor

  • Individual attention. One on one, a tutor can pin point what a child is having difficulty grasping about a certain subject.
  • It is easier for some children to learn from and be corrected by someone they don’t know.
  • Tutors have knowledge and experience with the current curriculum to more easily or quickly assist your child with questions.
  • You can hire a tutor specific to a subject field for certain expertise.

Finding a Tutor  

  • Most teachers and/or schools offer afterschool help.
  • There are many tutoring options.  Tutors from Club Z Tutoring,  will come to you to tutor your child in your home.  Others offer programs that help students with academics  and connecting socially like Brain Balance Achievement Centers.
  • If you are going to a tutoring center bring your child with you to the tutor interview. Your child needs to like or have chemistry with the tutor you hire.
  • Create a plan with your tutor in order to address each difficulty. Layout the steps needed to meet your child’s needs and how they will be assessed.  Ask for feedback and how the tutor will measure successful learning.
  • Let your child’s teacher know you’re hiring a tutor. Teachers could have insight on subject areas to target and inform the tutor on the upcoming lesson plan to stay with the rest of the class.
  • Summertime is a great time to get your child to get caught up or get ahead. Rice Psychology Group offers programs for kids to help the think effectively, focus better and remember more.