Dog Grooming Holiday Trends

We all want to look our best during the winter season – pets included. This holiday season, there are five grooming trends your groomers will be seeing a lot of. While some of these work for specific breeds better than others, they can be a fun way to liven up your pup’s holiday look.

Trend 1: Lions mane/ fluffy head with shaved body

The Lion King is coming back to theatres, and the lion’s mane is coming to a fluffy dog near you. This look can be accomplished by having the dog’s body shaved much shorter than their head. This works best with dogs that have long fluffy hair, like Pomeranians. But beware: if your dog has matted hair on their head, it is much healthier and better to deal with the matting rather than leaving it for a bigger mane.

Trend 2: Square and circle heads (symmetry)

This holiday season, you will likely see quite a few small dogs with perfectly circle or square shaped heads. No, this is not because of the shape of their head, but is an optical illusion created with a skilled haircut. This works best with small, fluffy dogs. However, maintaining a perfectly circle or square shape can require more trips to the groomer to keep it trimmed.

Trend 3: Festive colors

Who doesn’t love an adorable red and green holiday hairdo? Using safe, non-toxic dye, your groomer can dye a shape into your pup’s fur or can give them a colorful mohawk. This works best with light colored dogs. To stay even more on trend, pair your pup’s adorable new colors with a doggy sweater, puppy pajamas, or bandana to match!

Trend 4: Mohawks and up-dos 

Would it be the holiday season without a doggy-mohawk or a perfect little updo? We think not. This trend is one of the most popular for all seasons, but especially during the holidays. Your groomer can help you decide if a mohawk or updo would work for your pup. Pair the mohawk with the holiday hair dye trend or with a festive bow to double down on the festive spirit!

Trend 5: Fluffed up and fabulous

It has been chilly outside, which is why you may be seeing more dogs that look like they have recently had a nice and fluffy blow out. This trend is not only perfect for snuggly cold nights, but can help your pet battle the cold. This works best with fluffy breeds, like poodles or bichons. Your groomer can help get out any matting and brush the undercoat before their hair is fluffed out.

To learn more about the best trends of the holiday season, visit Beautify the Beast and ask your groomer what they recommend! To keep your pup calm during their groom using CBD, ask your groomer and visit www.cbddoghealth.comto learn more.

Angela Ardolino has been caring for animals since she was 8 years old and has operated a farm rescue, Fire Flake Farm, for over 10 years.  She also is the owner of Beautify the Beast a natural pet salon and spa, and the founder of CBD Dog Health. Angela is an expert in medical cannabis, holding a degree in the therapeutic uses of cannabis from the University of Vermont, and has dedicated her life to providing all-natural relief for pets of all kinds.  She has three dogs, and 4-10 at anytime that she is fostering or boarding. Visit and  to learn more.

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