Doggos of the Day: Chewie and Rico

In photo: Chewie and Rico at Fire Flake Farm, photobombed by Pixie the boxer.

by Angela Ardolino

I know as the owner of a grooming salon, I’m not supposed to have favorites, but Chewie and Rico are like family. Rico, a fairly calm poodle, was a groomer’s dream but suffered from allergies. Chewie on the other hand, loathed being groomed would even bite, barked non-stop during boarding, and was visibly stressed and anxious when he would enter our doors. My groomers loved Chewie, but they were wary of him and they did everything they were trained to do to keep him calm.

Around the same time, I began using CBD on my own pets, and offered Chewie and Rico’s mom, Elissa, the chance to try it with her fur-babies. She was excited to try anything that could help them without harsh chemicals.

Within just a few minutes of giving Chewie a dose of CBD oil, he was calm enough to groom without any fuss. When he came to board with us, he was no longer afraid. His mom thought it was a miracle, but I knew it was because of CBD.

The miracles didn’t stop there. After taking CBD, Rico’s allergies were almost completely gone as well. Now, Chewie and Rico take CBD on a regular basis and are the healthiest and happiest they have ever been.

Not only did Chewie and Rico improve, but their mom Elissa loves the service and the team at Beautify the Beast. Before finding Beautify the Beast, she was anxious to board them and leave them alone. But because of how much the team at the shop loves her dogs, she isn’t worried about them when she has to board them — in fact, Chewie and Rico now walk right into the shop and the farm and get right down to the important stuff: playing– all without separation anxiety.

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