Good manners are an important part of raising a child. Children need to be taught good manners, and watching the etiquette of those around them plays a role in the manners they will acquire as well. There are areas that may be overlooked and parents can assist their children in learning skills to be well-mannered and respectful.

The Cell Phone: Being on the cell phone is equivalent to talking to a person who is right in front of you. If parents take a call or check their phone while they are in mid-conversation with someone, it may exhibit disrepect and show that the person who is in front of them isn’t as important as who is on the phone. Teach your children that answering a cell phone or checking text messages while in communication with someone who is in front of you (unless there’s an emergency) is poor etiquette.

Attire: Dressing appropriately for situations shows proper etiquette. A parent who works wouldn’t wear gym shorts to their board meeting, so it’s critical to teach children that their clothing choices do matter. If they have to wear a uniform to school, it may be met with reluctance but it’s important to share with your children that it’s the requested attire and the rules for the school.

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