As adults squeezing a simple exercise routine into our busy schedule can seem like more of an added chore than a reward.

Luckily for kids being fit is about staying active. Tying shoes can increase flexibility, an hour spent playing in the jungle gym helps build muscles and a friendly game of tag gets their cardio in for the day!

It’s easy to turn every-day activities into fun fitness routines for kids. Below are just a few quicky ways you can add to your family itinerary to keep your kids a bit more active.

1. Get them involved in yard work: make it fun! Have the kids race to see who finishes first.

2. Family dog: Take your kids and the dog for a long walk, or a trip to the park to play Frisbee.

3. Sign your kids up for after school activities: karate, soccer, baseball, tennis, etc.

4. Family bike ride

What ways can you incorporate activity into your busy schedule?