Five Tips for Being Fabulous and Organized

1.    All for One and One for All

a.    Everyday activities can be family activities—get the kids involved in cooking dinner, organizing their rooms, taking care of pets, grocery shopping, etc.

b.    Is there anything you do for your child that they could do for themselves? Let them do it! It will save you time and allow them to build a sense of responsibility and independence. Older children can accomplish things as a part of their chores.

2.    Write it Down

a.    Determine what needs to be done right away and what can be put off and put it on a separate list

b.    Checking things off as you go along will make you feel accomplished.

c.    Split tasks between you and your spouse

d.    Decide on a weekly dinner menu

3.    Plan Ahead

a.    Pick out clothes for yourself and the children, pack lunches, iron your outfit for the next day and get your things together in order to make mornings more efficient.

4.    Invest in a Planner or Agenda for the Whole Family

a.    Schedule appointments, meetings and important reminders. You can use a different color for each category (work vs. personal)

b.    Sit down as a family and have your kids fill out their own agendas. You can also have everyone write in each other’s schedules for ballet and soccer practice, etc.

5.    Don’t forget time for you!

a.    Schedule time for yourself every day. Whether it’s an hour-long work-out or 15 minutes before you go to sleep to read the book of your choice.

Angela’s Teachable Moment:  Involving your children in chores and teaching them how to do them will make them feel like a contributor to the household team!

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