With all of the excitement that builds up over the holiday season, it is understandable for individuals of all ages to feel a little gloom when it is all over. According to an article on, the possible causes of post-holiday depressionare “unmet expectations, unrealistic resolutions, and a return of loneliness and guilt about overindulgence.” Some of these depressed feelings are controllable, but others are just simply due to our biological chemistry. Our metabolism changes with the shorter days of winter and we become more inclined toward lethargy and sleep.  The decreased light results in less serotonin production, which can incline us toward moodiness, melancholy or worse.

Another factor to the post-holiday blues is the breath-again period. Once the holidays are over it allows individuals to just take a moment without having to worry about visitors, cooking and gifts. This period can be more depressing for some individuals than others. Some individuals will dwell on the fact that their holiday expectations were not met or even some unresolved issues that may have been created over the holidays may weigh heavy on their heart.

So whether it is a sigh of relief, biologically created or emotionally, like with any slump, there are ways to help extend the excitement of the season and get you and your family back to a happy place!

Enjoy a Winter Sport or Hobby:

A big part of the post-holiday blues is the fact that no one has anything to look forward to until Spring, but that necessarily does not have to be the case! Take the winter season to pick up a new sport or hobby, or do something as easy and take your family to an ice skating rink every other week. Snow does not only have to provide stress, but can also be really fun! Take your family skiing or snowboarding, or grab a few sleds and take on the largest hill in the neighborhood! It may seem like a good idea to take the winter season to relax, but it may be a better idea to stay active throughout this season.

Plan a Getaway:

Getting out of the slump could be just as easy as changing the scenery for a day or two. You can make it as simple as getting a hotel a few towns over, just to experience something different. Try and pick a place that has a pool and other fun attractions near by for your family to take advantage of. Florida is a great state to live in because you can vacation all over the state and each coast provides something different!

Take a Day to Lounge:

Once the kids go back to school, take a 3 day weekend and enjoy a Monday or Friday to yourself. This will refresh you mentally and get you into the right state of mind for the New Year. It is a good idea to plan this ahead of time every year taking a vacation day or sick day. Use this one day to do absolutely nothing but “veg” out! Read a book, watch some movies or even sleep as much as you need! Recharge that engine for the New Year ahead of you!

Be Thankful:

Just because the holiday season is over, don’t forget one of the most important lessons of the holidays: Thankfulness. This lesson should be taught and put into action year round, not just based around a few months of gift giving. Show your kids how thankful you are that you have them, and for the good health of your family. Most importantly take time to express your gratitude to your spouse, because relationships tend to be put on the back burner during the hectic holidays. Make sure if you weren’t able to truly focus on each other than you make up for that lost time.

Get Moving:

We all know exercise is extremely important for everyone year round. Not only does it give us good feeling endorphins, which will get your mind back into the right state, but it also makes us healthier and happier when we accomplish our body goals. During the holidays you may have taken a break away from the gym and put on a few unwanted pounds, and although it is tough to get back into the gym, once you get back into that workout routine you will feel way better!

Eat Foods That Promote Energy and Good Health:

It happened again, we went through the holiday season and fell victim to the high-carb heavy foods that have become the staples to any holiday meal. We all know these foods are not the best for us, and if anything they just make us sleepy afterwards, so if you were not able to stay strong against these dishes over break, the New Year is the perfect time to get a healthy diet back on track. Sluggishness can be caused by many factors, but experts say poor nutrition is a big culprit. A well-balanced diet, on the other hand, can boost energy. Whole grain, fiber and protein packed foods will help keep your body running, allowing you to stick to a healthy meal plan and not indulge in innutritious snacks. By eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean protein such as chicken and turkey and snacks such as almonds and yogurt, will give you a balanced meal your body needs.