Podcast: How Hemp Helped Olivia

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In this episode, host Angela Ardolino and CBD Dog Health co-owner Hernando Umana speak with Jennifer Pak, mother of maltipoo Olivia. Olivia was treated by her mom and saw incredible results.

What happened to Olivia?

Olivia is 13-years-old and was rescued from Miami-Dade Animal Services about five years ago. When Jennifer rescued Olivia, she noticed some small warts. Jennifer tried to treat them with remedies she found on Amazon, but didn’t see any results.

Over the course of five years, the warts continued to grow. Olivia also developed a heart murmur and had elevated liver enzymes – both of which gave Pak pause when considering putting her under anesthesia to have what doctors felt were cosmetic growths removed. Pak tried topical remedies, but the warts continued to grow out of control.

Olivia was taken to a vet and tried cryotherapy and prescription medications, which were effective, but which both were not viable options to use for a long period of time. Pak was concerned that continuing the path of traditional medicine would cause more harm than good to her sweet pup.

How she treated Olivia’s growths

At the suggestion of a friend, Pak decided to try CBD Dog Health’s REMEDY salve. She was amazed to see the growths begin to shrink within three days of starting CBD treatment.

“It’s no exaggeration… There was visually a difference within three days,” says Pak. “They turn black and just fall off. If I hadn’t seen it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. I tried for five years  to heal these and had no luck until now.”

One thing to consider as a pet owner, is that when there is an issue on the outside of the body (like warts, tumors, or growths) it is often an indicator of a much bigger issue internally, which was the case for Olivia. The skin and the fur are the external extension of the internal health. For example, redness on the skin is an indicator of inflammation, which can be a side effect of having a poor gut microbiome or an imbalanced diet. Simply cutting off the growths or issues does not actually solve the issue and may sometimes make the problem worse. That is why it is so important to treat your pet from the inside out when dealing with skin issues.

In March, Olivia was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease, which was diagnosed because of her skin issues and panting. Pak was worried about treating the disease with traditional methods because the side effects were so extensive. So, she reached out to Umana for advice, and he recommended she try the HEAL 1100 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.

“I started Olivia on two doses, one in the morning and one at night because she was waking up so often in the night to drink water,” says Pak. “About a month and a half into [CBD Dog Health HEAL treatment] I was able to go down to one dosage a day, so that’s how I know that it’s working.”

How to use CBD from the inside out

When a pet has an issue, for example a tumor, CBD can stop growths from expanding and spreading. Then, it works to kill the cells causing the growths, and the growth will fall off. For the most effective treatment, use CBD both internally and externally. REMEDY and HEAL can be used together which will both treat the external tumor and will help heal the inflammation inside. While treating the pet, it is also important to change their diet to a raw or freeze-dried diet.

CBD Doses are more effective when broken into smaller amounts more frequently (every six hours or so). CBD is also absorbed more effectively through the gums because they are able to break through the mucous barrier. While swallowing CBD doesn’t necessarily waste the medicine, it is not absorbed as quickly or fully as when it is placed on the gums. However, if your dog has a throat problem or issues in the esophagus, consuming the medicine is actually beneficial because the CBD can go directly to the issue.

Once the inflammation was treated with CBD, Pak noticed an improvement in Olivia’s liver enzymes and Cushing’s Disease. Now, she has made it her mission to share CBD with as many pet owners as possible.

To learn more about CBD oil and how it can help your pet, visit www.cbddoghealth.com.