IN THE PRESS: Your Natural Dog Podcast Joins CritterFacts Radio Network

Your Natural Dog Podcast joins Critterfacts Radio Blog Featured Image

Your Natural Dog with Angela Ardolino, a popular pet health podcast, has announced it will be joining the CritterFacts Radio Network. Hosted by Angela Ardolino, a pet health and cannabis expert, Your Natural Dog focuses on educating pet parents on the best ways to care for your pet holistically. With weekly episodes offering the best education on hot topics such as raw feeding and CBD for pets, and guest appearances by top holistic and integrative pet professionals, Your Natural Dog is pleased to find a home on the Critterfacts Radio Network, a platform that is devoted to conservation and animal education. 

The Your Natural Dog Podcast will be the newest member of a community that is providing vital education on conservation, environmental science, wildlife, sustainability, animal rescue, and many other important topics. CritterFacts is an online community that aims to educate, inspire wonder and appreciation, and support conservation and anti-cruelty efforts for all domesticated animals, wildlife, and our environment. 

On the new network, Your Natural Dog will join the CritterFacts mission to spread knowledge and inspire appreciation for animals and our environment, by exploring some of today’s most important pet health issues through insightful and engaging conversations with holistic and integrative veterinarians and pet health professionals.

“I’m so proud to bring Your Natural Dog to the CritterFacts Radio Network, a platform that understands knowledge is power, and is actively helping to cultivate a wonder, appreciation and love for animals. With the help of my incredible line-up of holistic pet professionals, I’m so excited to have pet parents around the world listening and learning about important pet health topics, so they can come to a better understanding of how to care for their pets, as well as all animals.” – Angela Ardolino 

Your Natural Dog with Angela Ardolino will be available starting March 16th on CritterFacts Radio. The first episode on the new platform will be How Do You Know Your Dog’s in Pain?” with special guest Dr. James St. Clair, discussing the ways to sense a dog’s pain even when they are not showing outward signs. New listeners can also catch up on previous episodes of the Your Natural Dog podcast with special guests including Dr. Conor Brady, Rachel Fusaro, the Two Crazy Cat Ladies, and more! 

Visit to download the CritterFacts app and listen to “Your Natural Dog with Angela Ardolino” on your favorite device now. You can also visit to learn more about the Your Natural Dog podcast.