Kid-Friendly Mom Fashions

Parenting with Angela July 2016 Mom Fashion

You may be a fashionista in hiding. A glamour girl turned exhausted woman with binkies hanging out of the over-sized fashionable bag on your shoulder. Whether you are the mom who used to love fashion or are the mom who is trying to gain her fashion footing, it can be hard when you have kids. It can feel like you must always choose what is less cute in favor of more comfort. Especially for moms of newborns and toddlers, some trendy items, such as jewelry, are hazardous to young children (especially babies, who chew on anything that they can get their hands on).

However, fear not. You don’t have to choose comfort over cuteness with these kid-friendly mom fashion trends.

Nursing Dresses Parenting with Angela


Nursing Dresses Reinvented 

 Women love dresses, including moms. It’s hard to find time to wear one when you’re a mother of a newborn baby, mainly because you can’t just throw it over your head whenever you want to breastfeed in public. Nursing dresses are the perfect solution, especially when they are as flowy and fashion forward as this one from Seraphine. Not only do they have extra stretchy necklines and hidden openings for easy access for nursing on the go, but they are also comfortable. No matter where you’re going, they come in varying styles and lengths, so you can wear them for any occasion. Your friends won’t even know it’s a nursing dress! (Even if you aren’t nursing anymore, these dresses are cute and flirty!)


Parenting with Angela Palazzo Pants

Palazzo Pants

One of my favorite things this season for moms, or anyone really, is palazzo pants. These pants are baggy enough to feel comfy while you are chasing the kids in the park or trying to cook dinner with a baby in one arm. You won’t have to worry about the pants drooping or sagging either. Another great feature is some of the adorable patterns on palazzo pants. The cute patterns, like the one on these, is great if you spill something or if baby hugs you with finger paint on– it will blend enough not to be noticeable! Plus, these look great on any body type.

Parenting with Angela Chew Beads July 2016


There’s no need to worry about your baby chewing on your metal necklaces anymore. Temporarily swap your fancy jewelry for some ChewBeads; they’re colorful, chic, and safe for babies to chew on. These beads are made with 100% silicone (similar to pacifiers), making them soft on babies’ gums. They’re also dishwasher safe and don’t contain BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Cadmium, or Lead. Chewbeads have a breakaway clasp for added safety, as well.

Earthies Parenting with Angela


Wedges are a mom’s best friend. Besides the ever so rare date night, heels are just not practical for the everyday mom; they may be cute, but they’re definitely not meant for chasing toddlers around the house. Flats are a good alternative, except the eventual bad smell they can get and the lack of arch support, not to mention not helpful when you want to appear taller. Here’s where wedges come in; they’re super stylish and give you just enough height without giving you blisters. These wedges from Earthies are cute and comfy and are perfect for wearing to work, a date, the park, or even your kids’ soccer game.

Parenting with Angela Fashion Oi Oi Baby Bag July 2016

Large Tote

What mom (especially a mom with babies) doesn’t appreciate a large stylish tote bag? Diaper bags can look messy, but tote bags come in a variety of chic styles. What’s great about these bags is that they’re super versatile; not only can you use them to carry baby supplies, but you can use them for work, as well. Most tote bags these days are just as roomy as diaper bags, and include multiple compartments for your everyday items. We love this tote from Oi Oi Baby Bags because it looks like a fashion tote, but it has compartments like a diaper bag and is made of quality materials.

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