Tis’ the season for gift-giving! For children this is one of the most magical times of the year full of excitement and anticipation. However, for parents the financial aspect of it may be a bit overhwelming. Encourage your children to think of gifts that aren’t associated with a price tag but come from the heart.

The Presents. Gifts don’t necessarily have to be bought at the store. Help your kids bake Christmas cookies, fudge, pies or use arts and crafts to make presents that others can cherish forever. Children will enjoy the process and truly learn the meaning of gift-giving.

Create New Family Traditions. Christmas is about family and spending- not just money, but time with our loved ones. Plan a few ‘Family Nights’ throughout the season. Activities can include: playing board games, watching classic Holiday movies, making decorations, or taking a family drive to look at the lights around your town.

Prioritize Gift List. Have your child number their Christmas list with number one being the gift they would like the most. Children learn a lesson in prioritizing while parents get the inside scoop on what their kids really want for Christmas.

Donate. Teach your child the joy of gift-giving and helping others by having them put aside toys, clothes and any items they are willing to part with to donate to those in need. Have a family volunteer day at a soup kitchen or shelter where they can see exactly who they’re items are helping.