Making Your Morning Easier

Mornings can be a struggling battle for some, or something to look forward to for others. Over the years, we have all become familiar with the term “Morning Person”, and we have come to recognize whether we are one or not. What most parents can agree on, is whether they choose to be a morning person or not, that choice goes out the window when they start a family.

Some families may find their morning routines to be a breeze enjoying the quality time together, while others need a good night’s rest just to gear up for their morning routine. Although we all dream of kids waking up bright-eyed and bushy tailed, that is just not reality. Parents start out with the responsibility of doing everything in the morning while their kids are too young to do it themselves, but parents need to remember that as they get older they can teach their kids to do some of these simple tasks to eliminate the chaos and stress of the morning.

Teaching kids even the smallest tasks like waking up on their own, dressing themselves and brushing their hair and teeth will free up plenty of time for mom and dad in the morning to start their own routine.

A few steps families can take to make the morning calm and enjoyable are:

Plan: Problems in the morning are often rooted in the fact that things should have been done the night before. Check school bags the night before to make sure all necessary contents are in them and then place them at the front door. Also, lay out clothes for the next day to save a few minutes the next morning. Pack your kid’s lunches or teach them to pack their lunch the night before.

Stay on a routine: Creating a routine keeps most of the unpleasant surprises that wreck havoc on mornings out of the picture, allowing your family for the most part to start refreshed and charged. Wake up an hour earlier than you need to and take time to relax, drink your coffee, do yoga or read Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine. 

Get quality sleep: This sometimes seems like a thing of the past to adults, but to kids this is extremely important. Making sure your kids get quality sleep will allow them to wake up feeling refreshed and happier than being on an inconsistently unhealthy sleep pattern. All parents would rather see smiles in the morning than tears and temper tantrums!

There will always be bumps in the road to challenge one’s parenting tactics, but just making a few of these changes will rid some stress and frustration out of the morning no matter what obstacle comes. With your newfound free time, make sure to spend it with your family enjoying each other. Sitting down and having a breakfast is a fantastic way to bond and get fueled up for the day! With something that could positively affect every member of the family, there is no reason not to try out a few of these ideas!