When the sun is glaring down on your family, your first instinct, more than likely, is to pull out the sunscreen and slather your kids head-to-toe. But, not all sunscreens are created equally, and while some may protect you from the sun, they can also expose you to a whole host of dangerous chemicals. This is especially dangerous when you rub it in places like your child’s armpits, where it can be more quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

No matter your skin-tone, living in sunny spots like Florida means that you need a reliable sunscreen year round.

Top 3 Best Sunscreens: 

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Jersey Kids All Natural Sunscreen SPF 30


Jersey Kids All Natural Sunscreen is safe for babies under 6 months old.  Jersey Kids products are free of petrochemicals and artificial ingredients. Jersey Kids products are top rated by The Environmental Working Group ( and Jersey Kids products are Cruelty-free and People, Planet and Pet friendly. Jersey Shore also has a fantastic lip balm that is safe for kids and parents.
SPF 30 provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection from the sun’s harmful rays with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Safe and gentle for all skin types, all over body and face, including baby’s delicate skin. No fragrance. Non- comedogenic. Will not clog pores.
Earth’s Best Mineral Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30

Light non-greasy fragrance free crème protects vulnerable skin with an effective, mineral-based sunscreen that acts as a natural UVA/UVB reflective barrier. Water resistant for 40 minutes.

3 Worst Sunscreens: 

-Banana Boat Clear UltraMist Ultra Defense MAX Skin Protect Continuous Spray Sunscreen, SPF 110

-Coppertone Sport Sunscreen Stick, SPF 55

-Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Beach & Pool Sunblock Spray, SPF 70+

Things to remember before you choose a sunscreen:

-Spray sunscreens can be easily inhaled and do not provide even coverage.
-SPF Values above 50 do not actually provide additional coverage.
– Oxybenzone can cause hormone disruptions.
– Retinyl palmitate may potentially cause cancer.

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