There is a certain skill that goes into preparing a family trip to the movies, especially if there is a toddler in your clan. If you’re a parent and you’ve attempted this feat without the proper preparation you know first-hand it can be disastrous! The key is to prepare a comfortable environment and be sure to bring a ‘baby back-up backpack’ stocked with toys, food and anything they may need throughout the movie. Below are a few tips and essentials to plan your trip:

1.       Timing is everything: Be sure to choose a movie time that coincides with your child’s calmest point of the day (of there is one). Think an hour or two before bed/nap time.

2.       Full Belly: Kids should have already had their lunch or dinner before the movie. Food in the back-up backpack should be small snacks not a full meal.

3.       Location, location, location: Aisle seat is a must! Just in case you have to make a quick getaway to the bathroom or leave the movies.

4.       Bring a Blankie: You want your kids to feel comfortable. This means bringing their favorite toys and of course, their blankie.

Any other tips and tricks for a memorable movie trip? Please share!