Rescue and Rehabilitation at Hawai’i Bird Rescue with Kris Pereira on Your Natural Dog Podcast

Rehab and Rehabilitation at Hawai'i Bird Rescue with Kris Pereira on Your Natural DogBlog Featured Image

Kris Pereira’s work at Hawai’i Bird Rescue was transformed when she realized birds can benefit from CBD treatment. In this episode, Kris shares some of her amazing success stories of helping birds heal from injuries, neurological issues, and anxiety. She also offers advice to bird owners who are looking to add more natural foods to their animals’ diets. 

Episode Recap:

  • How did you start working in bird rescue? (1:17)
  • Make sure your birds are receiving fresh and natural foods (2:12)
  • Even birds can benefit from CBD (5:00)
  • Kris helps birds heal from a wide range of injuries and situations (8:50)
  • Vets aren’t well-equipped to help birds with neurological issues (13:19)
  • Birds often deal with stress and anxiety (19:23)



About Angela Ardolino

Angela Ardolino is a holistic pet expert who has been caring for animals for over 20 years. She operates a rescue farm, Fire Flake Farm, in Florida. In addition, she owns Beautify the Beast,  a natural pet salon and shop. Moreover, Angela got her certificate in Medical Cannabis Biology and Therapeutic use from the University of Vermont School of Medicine. Next, she founded CBD Dog Health to provide high quality, all-natural medical cannabis products designed specifically for pets. 

Accordingly, she uses Full Spectrum Hemp Extract on all her pets at her rescue farm every day since 2016. Angela has five dogs. Odie a 12-year-old mini-schnauzer, Nina an 8-year-old Doberman. Jolene a 7-year-old mutt, Maza a 7-year-old mutt, and Rhemi an 8-year-old poodle. In addition, she has 4-10 more any time she is fostering or boarding. She is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and the Veterinary Cannabis Association. In fact, Angela has educated hundreds of medical doctors and veterinarians on the therapeutic uses of medical cannabis on animals.

About Kris Pereirakris pereira hawaii bird rescue and rehabilitation

Kris Pereira is the founder of Hawai’i Pet Rehab and the non profit Hawai’i Bird Rescue. After earning a Master of Science in Biology, she began her career as a pet wellness advocate and canine physical therapist. Kristin’s commitment to animal care began with Socrates, her rescue dog with various ailments. Determined to enrich  Socrates’ quality of life, she developed a passion for holistic animal health and wellbeing.  Today, Socrates is 19 years old!  Kristin hopes to educate pet-owners so they too, can add years to their pets lives, and their beloved furry family members may age gracefully.