It’s that time of year where your kids are excited to transform themselves with paints, masks and costumes. Not all costumes are built alike and it’s important to consider some factors when getting them dressed for their trick or treating.

Hot or Cold? 

Weather can be unpredictable in October so select costumes that will be comfortable for your child regardless of the temperature. Bring a jacket or long-sleeved shirt for possible cool nights and beat the heat (and whining) by choosing costumes that are made from breathable fabric.

Be Seen & Fire-Free

Choose a costume that is resistant to fire. Some people go all out Halloween with candles, electric spooks and more. Make sure your child’s costume is fire retardant to avoid any possible accidents. Also, add reflector tape to costumes so that your child can be seen in the dark or provide them with a light flashlight.

Avoid Masks

Costumes with masks can obstruct your children’s view, make it difficult to breathe and may be made of materials that irritate the skin.

Help your child have a safe and happy Halloween by making sure that their costume is weather appropriate, fire resistent and can be seen in the dark, and free from any discomfort!