Look For Other Role-Models

    1. Look to other family members to be role models for your children, someone who will be around and can take them for one-on-one time once in a while.
    2. Become close with your child’s teachers, instructors and coaches. This way, they can become important influences and role models for your children and will help you keep you informed about your child’s progress.
  1. Build A Support Group
    1. Share responsibilities with other parents, it will lighten your load. They can help you with picking up the kids from school and getting them to swim practice.
    2. Free babysitting is the best. You can trade with friends who have kids, other family members and don’t underestimate grandma and grandpa!
  2. Empower Your Kids
    1. Let them take on responsibilities they can handle on their own, children as young as four can take on tasks like picking out clothes for school.
    2. All household activities can be accomplished as a family and can double as bonding time. Have your kids help out with cleaning, cooking dinner and grocery shopping.
  3. Dating Dilemma
    1. If you are dating it should not be kept a secret because then you’re lying to your kids. You’re not doing anything wrong, so why would you hide it? If you have open communication with them, they will understand.

Even though these tips are especially important for single parents they are really tips for all parents. Even if there are two parents, there should still be communication with a child’s teachers, coaches and other adults in their life.

Angela’s Teachable Moment: Take one night a week for just you and your children where you either make a special dinner or take them out for one on one time to remind them that despite life’s hustle and bustle they are still important to you.