Supplements vs. Natural Nutrition with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne on Your Natural Dog Podcast

Supplements vs Natural Nutrition with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne Nutrivore

In this episode of Your Natural Dog with Angela Ardolino, we’re joined by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, an award-winning public speaker, New York Times bestselling author, and world-renowned health expert. Angela and Dr. Sarah discuss the differences between synthetic and real food sources of nutrients, including the enhanced bioavailability of nutrients from whole sources including animals, plants and mushrooms. They delve into the principles of a Nutrivore diet, the best sources of key vitamins for your pet, the importance of non-essential nutrients, the risks associated with synthetic vitamins and vitamin toxicity, and the potential dangers of taking too many supplements. Tune in for an enlightening discussion on how to nourish your pet effectively and safely.

Episode Recap: 

  • The difference between synthetic and real sources of nutrients
  • What are non-essential nutrients?
  • Full Spectrum nutrition vs isolated nutrients
  • Enhanced bioavailability of nutrients from whole food sources
  • Nutrients from animal sources
  • What is a nutrivore diet?
  • Nutrients from Mushrooms
  • What is the longevity vitamin?
  • Vitamin-D enhanced mushrooms
  • Risks of synthetic vitamins & vitamin toxicity
  • Risks of taking too many supplements
  • Menopause & nutrition
  • The deal with collagen & collagen supplements

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About Angela Ardolino

Angela Ardolino Your Natural Dog Podcast Mycodog CBD Dog HealthAngela Ardolino, a certified holistic pet health coach, certified cannabis & fungi expert, and animal advocate, brings over 20 years of experience to the field. As a graduate of the inaugural class of Medical Cannabis for Therapeutic Use at the University of Vermont. She has been a member of the The Society of Cannabis Clinicians since 2017, as well as a vocal supporter of safe, natural, and ethically-grown whole plant and fungi medicine for pets.

Angela’s dedication to animal welfare extends beyond her advocacy work. She owned and operated Beautify the Beast, a pet salon and shop with two locations in Florida, where she developed innovative programs for boarding, training, and fostering dogs at her animal rescue, Fire Flake Farm.

As the founder of CBD Dog Health and MycoDog, she prioritizes pet wellness through safe, effective Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD for dogs, cats and horses, and wild-harvested, triple extracted mushrooms for dogs and pets. Providing the best in natural whole plant and fungi supplements, made ethically, grown in the U.S., and formulated specifically for pets. Angela also continues to educate and empower pet parents with her popular podcast, Your Natural Dog with Angela Ardolino, where she engages with experts in holistic pet care to explore topics ranging from nutrition and natural remedies to behavior and training.

About Dr. Sarah Ballantyne

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne Nutrivore Real Nutrition vs Synthetic supplementsAward-winning public speaker, New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned health expert, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD believes the key to improving public health is scientific literacy. She creates educational resources to help people improve their day-to-day diet and lifestyle choices, empowered and informed by the most current evidenced-based scientific research.

Dr. Sarah began her career as a science communicator and health educator when she launched her original website in 2011. On this platform, Dr. Sarah combined her background in medical research with her experience using diet and lifestyle to mitigate a dozen diagnosed health conditions to create a wealth of educational resources and amass an audience of millions.

Since then, Dr. Sarah has continued to follow the science—diving deep into immune health, metabolic health, gut microbiome health, nutritional sciences, and the compelling evidence for health at any size—while also observing the harm of healthism, diet culture, dogmatic misinformation and predatory marketing. With Nutrivore, Dr. Sarah seeks to create a positive and inclusive approach to dietary guidance, based in science and devoid of dogma, using nutrient density and sufficiency as its basic principles: NOURISHMENT, NOT JUDGMENT.