With the Holidays approaching it’s even more important we teach our children the importance of being grateful and giving thanks. There are numerous ways to incorporate this life-long lesson into your child’s every-day life. Below are a few tips on how to teach children to give thanks.

Lead by Example. Kids are very much aware of your actions and the decisions you make. Practice being thankful in your everyday encounters and your child will pick up on it and act as you do. Use every thankful act as a learning experience for your child.

Thank-You Notes. Have your child write thank-you notes for the gifts they receive during the Holidays and continue this tradition throughout the year. Writing notes is a tangible way for children to give thanks and become involved in the giving/receiving process.

Storytime. Use books to incorporate lessons of giving thanks. You can read to your child one-on-one or make it a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy.

Volunteer as a Family. Volunteering with your child can not only be a bonding experience but it will help them be grateful for the things they have. Some great places to volunteer include: soup kitchens, hospitals, local parks etc.

Source: Associated Content