The Best Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers

The Best Gifts For Dogs and Dog Lovers

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By Cindy Alridge, Our Dog Friends

For many dog lovers, pets are just as important as family members. When the holidays roll around, then, it’s important to remember those pets and how much they’re loved when it’s time to shop for gifts. The good news is that there are tons of great gift ideas for pet owners, from toys and treats to ways for them to keep their animals safe and comfortable.

The key is to think about what your loved one may need; have they recently moved into a new home that their pet is still getting used to? Is the animal getting up there in years? If so, he might appreciate a comfy bed to rest on. If your loved ones are away from home for much of the day, they might appreciate a way to check in on their pets to make sure they’re safe and happy, such as a camera that will allow them to monitor the animal’s movements.

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Make it personal

The Best Gifts For Dogs and Dog Lovers

Many dog owners are proud of their pets and want to share their love of this animal to the world. Check out Etsy, where you can find a ton of awesome, handmade items your dog-lover will go crazy for. There’s everything from personalized food and water bowls to scarves bearing different dog breeds, so take your time and peruse the site to find the perfect gift.

Get eco-friendly

The Best Gifts For Dogs and Dog Lovers

 Reducing our carbon footprints is easier than ever now that so many companies are jumping on board and making eco-friendly products, and that includes items for pets. Consider looking for a sturdy but collapsible water bowl for the pet owner who likes to go hiking, or a hemp-filled toy that will keep their dog happy and busy. You can also find organic treats for the pups that are good for their tummies and aren’t filled with processed ingredients. For more ideas on how to make your gift eco-friendly, check out this article.

Think safety

Most pet owners are keen to keep their animals safe, so what better gift to give than that of safety? There are several ideas to choose from, whether it’s a dog tracker, a pet monitoring system to help the owners check in on their pets during the day, or a large crate that will give the animal room to move around in when he has to be contained. Crate size is important, especially for larger dogs; it needs to be big enough for them to stand, turn around, and lie down in comfortably. For more info on finding the perfect play pen, here’s the one we use at the shop, or if you need a crate, read on here.

A carefully curated box of goodies

The Best Gifts For Dogs and Dog Lovers


 Even dogs love to get mail, so think about buying your animal-loving friend a subscription to a curated box of goodies that might include treats, toys, and adorable accessories. There are various sizes of bundles, so you can choose the one with the right price for your budget. Check out this site for more details.

Get unique

Pets are as unique as their owners, and they deserve things that show off their personalities, so check out Uncommon Goods for gift ideas that any pet owner would love. There’s everything from cute toys to bedding to practical items, such as a textured bathing glove.

The holidays can be a stressful time, but you can take the worry out of gift-giving by sticking to this guide. Look for unique items that fall within your budget and find out what your loved ones need before committing to any one gift; that way, you can be sure they’ll love it.

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