As children we were all taken to distant lands and magical journeys through stories and books. These imaginative voyages brought us joy, sadness and excitement as well as taught us some valuable life lessons.

With The Boy Who Cried Wolf we learned there are consequences for being dishonest; The Fox and the Leopard taught us that physical beauty is only skin-deep and Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Treeshowed us the importance of generosity.

Through storytelling we are able to teach children valuable life lessons while entertaining them with a fascinating tale. The message is conveyed in a more fun and approachable method and they are able to go through the process of actions and their consequences with each tale.

Bed time is the perfect time to read a book or share a personal story! Storytelling can be a great bonding experience between you and your child as well as an opportunity to create an open dialogue about the stories. Ask your children if they have any questions or thoughts after each tale to ensure that they understand the valuable lessons being taught.

Have a favorite story or children’s book with a positive message? Let us know!