Vital Medicine

My name is Jim Davidson.

As a patient on a chemo regimen for stage IV prostate cancer, I have had times where the nausea was so great that I was unable to eat and hold down food. In one case, for five days. In another, four days.

In those two instances, I realized why most people die. It’s not the cancer itself; it’s the side effects of the chemo, which prevents us from eating!

I had few options, but I found relief when I was able to try medical marijuana.

It was an oil that was put into a brownie mix. Within an hour my nausea subsided and I was able to eat- I wasn’t going to die, yet.

This medicine simply shouldn’t be illegal. I shouldn’t need to be terminal to get it. I need Amendment 2 to pass so I can have more options. The limited law that exists now will not work for me.

Please, help United for Care pass this proposal for me and all of the patients in my position. We need a sensible medical marijuana law in Florida.

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Thank you,