When Parting is too Much Sorrow

Blanche, a Shih Tzu,  is a sweet, loving dog. Her fluffy face almost always looks like she is in deep, stoic thought — but behind those thoughtful eyes was once a mind filled with anxiety.

You see, Blanche’s dad, Hernando Umana, is a Broadway actor. He loves spending time with Blanche, but sometimes he has to travel and sometimes he has late rehearsals or shows with a long run-time. Like all of us, he has to run to the grocery store or to have dinner with friends — but time apart was something Blanche struggled with.

When left alone for more than a few minutes, Blanche would bark and lick obsessively. It got so bad that Hernando stopped wanting to go out. If he wasn’t able to go to a dog friendly restaurant, he wouldn’t go at all.

“I hated seeing her like that,” said Hernando. “Blanche and I started getting really antisocial because I didn’t want to cause her any extra stress.”

Around the same time, Hernando started using CBD to treat his own anxiety. He began to research CBD and hemp plants and discovered that giving Blanche CBD could have the same effect on her anxiety, too.

“My profession comes with its share of crippling anxiety,” said Hernando. “It wasn’t until I started using CBD for myself that I recognized just how life-changing this medicine is. I knew that Blanche deserved the same kind of relief that I had found.”

It didn’t take long for Blanche to fall in love with CBD oil. She began taking it about 20 minutes before Hernando left the house, and instead of scratching at the door for hours, she got into her favorite bed and took a nap. It was like night and day, and soon, it became a part of their regular routine together.

It does not take much CBD for pets to feel instant relief. For separation anxiety, we recommend CALM CBD oil, which also has lavender essential oils to aid in relaxation. Dogs under 10 pounds should get about one dropper-full (.75 – 1 mL). Dogs over 10 pounds should get 1-2 droppers full (.75 – 2 mL). It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to start seeing the positive effects. Often, your dog will just become drowsy and will lay down and take a nap.

Now, Hernando is not worried about Blanche and she has been able to live a more carefree life. Both Hernando and Blanche enjoy time together, and time apart.

Read more information about CALM CBD Oil for Dogs here.

Angela Ardolino has been caring for animals since she was 8 years old and has operated a farm rescue for over 10 years.  She also is the owner of Beautify the Beasta natural pet salon and spa, and the founder of CBD Dog Health. Angela is an expert in medical cannabis and has dedicated her life to providing all-natural relief for pets of all kinds.  She has three dogs, and 4-10 at anytime that she is fostering, or boarding, visit www.angelaardolino.comto find out more or www.facebook.com/fireflakefarmto find out more about Fire Flake Farm.