Which Holiday Table Scraps are Safe for Dogs

Although you may not feed your dog table scraps normally, the holidays are a time when some people indulge their pets from the table. We all want to share the holidays with our pets and give them a special dinner, but before you feed Fido from the table, there are some foods to watch out for.

Holiday Food You Should NOT Give Your Pets:

You will want to avoid certain table scraps because of their potentially toxic ingredients. These foods include:

  • Bones of any kind or trimmings.
  • Any dish containing leeks garlic, onions, scallions, or mushrooms can be harmful, as these are toxic to dogs.
  • Desserts made with artificial sweeteners, like xylitol or Sweet-n-Low
  • Desserts that may contain chocolate

Harmful Ingredients:  

Certain foods, while not outright toxic for your dog, may cause digestion upset. While these foods may be safe, some of their ingredients should be investigated before sharing with pets:

  • Mashed potatoes are okay, but sour cream, butter, and gravy are not.
  • Turkey is safe, but only white meat. Do not feed your dog dark meat, bones, or entrails.
  • Cranberry sauce is safe unless it contains grapes, raisins, or currants
  • Macaroni and cheese is safe for most dogs, but if your pup has a sensitive tummy, plain noodles are best
  • Sweet potatoes are great for dogs. Just make sure not to give them the marshmallows that may be on top of sweet potato casserole!

General rule of thumb: If you are worried about it, don’t give it to your pup 

This might seem obvious, but you know your dog best. If you are uncomfortable with your pet eating any table scraps at all, tell your guests. A well-meaning family member might think it is okay to give your dog a turkey leg or some bones to chew, so make it known if you are uncomfortable with anyone feeding your dog.

I recommend that you make your pup a special bowl of food, be it their favorite wet food or a mixture of eggs and some of the safe Thanksgiving favorites. It will be an easy way for both you and your pet to enjoy the holiday, worry free.

For more tips and information on holiday safety, visit www.cbddoghealth.comor www.angelaardolino.com.